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  1. MTN Customer Care Centre-Menlyn Park

    I was due for a new phone November last year. I got an SMS to tell me to go to a MTN-centre. The last time I went was end of March, to the Menlyn store. As could be expected, they did not have a replacement in store. It is two months later and I am still waiting. I was told I will be contacted. They can not contact me anymore as my old phone now tells me that I do not have a sim card any more. I don't know what is wrong, and know from experience that it is of absolute no use to go to the MTN store in Menlyn for help or assistance.

    Thu 21 May 2015

  2. Telkom Direct-test branch

    Applied for ADSL line in store. Not very helpful but line was installed. Then had 2 more applications put thru on my name. One was for 2 cell phone contracts another for an expensive internet package. Thank goodness I phoned 10210 and managed to cancel the unauthorised orders. The attitude of the staff in the store is to say the least unacceptable. I have spent 1hour 25minutes on the phone to cancel the orders. Staff in the store should be trained on how to handle the public as well as to be careful when putting thru orderrs. All I can say is thank goodness I managed to cancel otherwise it would have cost me quite a package for negligence on the part of the gentleman that works in that particular store.

    Thu 21 May 2015

  3. The Bead Shop City Centre

    WOW, salespeople who go the extra mile, they still exist. Real people happy to do their job. A fantastic different mix of products. Well done

    Thu 21 May 2015

  4. Old Mutual-Wonderpark Shopping Center

    The service of this institution is exstreemly poor, to say the least. We have been waiting for an hour now without being helped. There are people here that have lost a loved one due to death, they have also been sitting here for hours. A real painful experience. Old mutual are supposed to be a professional institution, sorry to say not this one. One word - disgusting!!!

    Sat 16 May 2015

  5. Virgin Active-Maponya Mall

    Nys experience i only hv 5 five days bt im enjoying already n de staff are so friendly esp. Vusi and Ntokozo. They keep on smiling to me everytime I'm at de gym. N de lady wth dreads at reception always bid friendly farewell to everyone wen dey leave. Big ups Virgin Active. Im loving it.

    Sat 16 May 2015

  6. Golden Jewellers-Gateway Mall

    shocking embarrassing,by far the most short sighted bunch of crooks you could ever find dealing in sub standard jewellery.The owner and the staff forget that without the publics money they dont have a gateway allows such bad operators to trade under there roof is a bad sign.

    Sat 16 May 2015

  7. House 22

    a place for the connoisseur people good music matured people matured music for the matured ears no better place than house22 when it come to deep music

    Sat 16 May 2015

  8. Jet-Fourways Mall

    On Thursday morning I left my Samsung phone on the counter of Jet Fourways by mistake. It was only an hour later when I realised my phone was not in my bag and I back tracked to try and find it. I finally used a stranger's phone to phone my husband who told me that Thuli at Jet had phoned him - his was the last number I had phoned - and told him that she had my phone safe and sound. What a wonderful experience. This lady not only made my day but showed what a great calibre of person she is and an asset to your company. Please convey this to whoever is her superior. I think she's a lovely girl.

    Sat 16 May 2015

  9. Pick n Pay-Campus Square

    I did some shopping @ the store today.i needed some eggs so I took 2x6 pack no name brand eggs,since I was in a hurry I didnt bother to open the boxes to check.When I got home 1 box had only 5 eggs of which one was badly cracked.I really couldnt drive all the way back to change it for just 1 egg.

    Sat 16 May 2015

  10. Zara-Gateway Mall

    It was my first time going to the shop and definitely won't be the last .the atmosphere is amazing,the clothes and the staff.everything is just Wooow

    Sat 16 May 2015

  11. Old Mutual-East Rand Mall

    Been to the branch at East Rand Mall Boksburg yesterday and requested to speak to a consultant. Was advised that the consultant was busy in a meeting @ head office. MY name and contact number was written at the back of a flyer (so much for hi tech) and I am still awaiting a call some 24 hours later.

    Sun 10 May 2015