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  1. Bidvest Bank-Sunnypark

    Unhappy , I went to renew my asylum then brought it to the branch to be verified , its taking so long .I took it there on 3 of march , im still waiting for it now .when I ask if I could speak to a supervisor or a manager they told no

    Sat 14 March 2015

  2. FNB - Branch-The Glen Shopping Centre

    I have an account with fnb and to my surprise my account has been putten on hold and I went in to the bank to clarify what is the problem and the branch manager said that they are investigating my account what for there was no specific reason and this has taken place since last year october till now no one has come back to me to tell me what is the actual problem with my account the branch manager said that he will contact me and he did at one stage and said they still investigating my account. I would appreciate if I can get a responce as soon as possiable this is really anoinging.

    Sat 14 March 2015

  3. Joe
    Aca Joe-The Zone @ Rosebank

    Your sales guys are too eager to close a sale. Sometimes it feels like you are hounded to buy. Teach them about the use of space so we shoppers can spend our hard earned cash on items we carefully thought about. For me its such of a turn off to be jumped on as soon as I enter your premises and be followed around like a common thief who should be arrested and jailed for trying to buy your clothing.

    Sat 14 March 2015

  4. Telkom Direct-Eastgate Shopping Center

    Why does your EastGate office have a telephone number. I have tried for two days to get through to find out about my contract. Absolutely impossible. Nobody at your branch answer any calls.

    Sat 14 March 2015

  5. Game-The Boulders Shopping Centre

    I bought an irone and TV stand on 10 Jan. in Game Boulders . They delivered the TV stand and no iron. As I was travelling that same afternoon I was not able to come to to=he store. I left the reeipt at home in Vorna Valley., 27 Fountain Court, Langeveldt Road. I called the person who delivered and has not been picking up, I sent an emalil to your customer service- no reply . .Please note that I am currently in Lebanon and have incurred a lso in terms of calling your store . I called the manager few minutes - and left my number and hoping to receive her call.

    Sat 14 March 2015

  6. E-Toll -Trade Route Mall

    Bad Pathetic EXPERIENCE - query was left with Julliet on the 10.12.2014 to date i have had no response from Julliet who obviously represents ETOLL - Poor pathethic service is all i can say

    Sat 14 March 2015

  7. Kim
    Telkom Direct -Cresta Mall

    Went in to purchase an Iphone contract. Told me it was with credit More than 24 hours later have still not heard a thing after being told by the assistant manager he would get back to me within an hour. When trying to call the store it says the mailbox is full. I can see why the service is extremely poor in that store. Change the manager and the service might improve. I cease to wonder how many contracts you lose on a daily basis because of POOR service

    Sat 14 March 2015

  8. Vodashop-Wonderpark Shopping Center

    I had the best service than i most probably had at any vodacom shop. The problem of not being able to hear the person that is helping you did not exist. Infact we spoke as if we had know each other for years. He was load and clear. A big thumbs up to Tony... I think that's his name. Anyways I am very happy with the service and I would like for him to know he should keep up the good work! From the 'simswop loadshedded' customer!

    Sat 14 March 2015

  9. LT
    Rocomamas-Rivonia Village

    The ribs and chicken wings are on point. The flavour choice also wide, from peri peri, bbq etc i loved it.

    Tue 17 February 2015

  10. Baby Exchange  

    Would not recommend this company. We hired a travel-system pram that was well used when we got it - lots of marks, scratches and dents. When we put the pram up one day, one of the suspension springs came off. On returning it (along with the spring) we were charged ZAR 600. I explained it was not through rough use, it was just wear and tear of a very well used pram. They were not interested in my reasoning. I feel I have paid for damage that may have pre-existed. All in all the travel-system cost us ZAR 1200 - a very expensive holiday!

    Tue 17 February 2015

  11. Mimmos-The Glen Shopping Centre

    Just saw a family being attacked with chairs and fists by waiters and management so disgusted i will make sure everybody knows about this. Just because the food was cold then.

    Wed 24 December 2014