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  1. Ko Spotong-Gandhi square

    Okay I was at Ghandi and it was boring I tell you. The workers laze around, we have to beg them to come help us. I have better ideas for the place and if I was allowed I'd bring my ideas there. Too bad there's no one to contact. Start by removing that PacMan game thingy and cleaning the toilets. I didn't like it I won't pretend

    Sat 14 March 2015

  2. Jet-Maponya Mall

    My experience today is really bad only 2 ppl working been here for 30mins still no help this is very wrong

    Sat 14 March 2015

  3. Ster-Kinekor-Irene Village Mall

    I am very dissatisfied with the service. I was not able to use the telephone nrs because they dont exist and I cannot email either

    Sat 14 March 2015

  4. Truworths-Maponya Mall

    I went there on a Sunday afternoon to purchase shoe ,i was quickly attended too and I got what i wanted but when i got to the tills the was only one cashier assisting and he was helping another customer to fill up forms i had to wait for 15 min before I could pay, when i asked if maybe is there anyone who could help me so I can pay I was told only one cashier is working at the tills and I have to wait till until his finished...and the following day I sent my sister to for a size change , had given her my receipt and card to make the exchange. she was turned back and told that I have to write a latter for to exchange.

    Sat 14 March 2015

  5. Mango-Eastgate Shopping Center

    Thank you to the 3 awesome ladies that worked at the Bedford view branch during the notorious shootout on January 29. I was in the store at that time, along with some other customers, looking at the sale clothing. We were I. The fitting rooms when the gunmen opened fire. Everybody screamed, cried panicked. Buy your ladies managed to calm us, helped us by keeping us informed of what's happening outside, and keeping us safe inside. We were constantly asked whether we were okay, were offered water.....well done to you and your awesome girls. Young, and brave, you made me feel less scared! Thank you! unfortunately I don't see myself going back to get my dress, but I will see if I can have it delivered to Sandton!

    Sat 14 March 2015

  6. Superspar-Stoneridge Shopping Centre

    staff very friendly and helpful never pass without saying hello or asking if they can help, prices are sometimes high but they also have specials. it is always a good shopping experience.

    Sat 14 March 2015

  7. Placecol-Cresta Mall

    Hi, I would like to know if the number listed on the site is still operational? I have been trying to call but it's been engaged for some time now. Kind Regards, Gcobisa

    Sat 14 March 2015

  8. Morningside Pharmacy-Morningside Shopping Centre

    I have been treated with great customer care by your pharmacists. Howerver the perosn working at the make up counter is beyond rude, she shouldn't be working with the public let representing products like clarins. I will never come back. And I actually want to warn others on hello peter she is such a rude person she actually spoiled my whole day!

    Sat 14 March 2015

  9. Total Sport-Westgate Shopping Center

    I took my Asics Gel running shoes to Westgate shop that I bought back in December because of possible factory defects. Mr Lovemore promised to contact Asics on my behalf and resolve my pressing issue. The following day I realised that I had inadvertently left my bank statement with my personal bank account still reflecting. I then contacted the shop by phone on Thursday 5th March and spoke to a Mr Katlego who assured me that he will delete the account number on the receipt. So far I am waiting for Mr Lovemore to come back with a report back from Asics.

    Sat 14 March 2015

  10. MTN-MooiRivier Mall

    It is the worst cell phone shop that I ever visited. Or your reps don't know what they are do or are bullshitting and are lying to me. I was there on Wednesday 21st of January to open an additional account for the Steppa Tablet (wish I never did it, no I feel like closing my other account as well) after completing my application for the additional contract, the rep tell me that the system is offf and I must come back tomorrow if I get the sms to upgrade my other contract. I am waiting now 2days for that sms and he promised me he will keep the tablet aside for me. Now it's Friday (2 days later) no sms no reply from the rep) while I am standing in the line I over heard someone asks an employee of MTN if there are any tablets left, and the guy said no and that he don't know when they are getting stock again. So I think by-myself nice lying to your customers after promising them the tablet. So now I wonder if the Rep even processed my application for I additional contract. I got way better service from Nashua Mobile, it's a pity they closed. So thanks a lot MTN for ruining my sons dream of having a tablet for school.

    Sat 14 March 2015

  11. Look & Listen-Greenstone Shopping Centre

    Look and listen has been very helpful, it has provided me with games I want to buy, but not at a fair price like BT Games. But I'm too young to buy games at BT Games, but Look and Listen has went from an alternative store to the store I recommend. It has a variety of CD's, PS3 games and pc games that no other store has. Best store if you are under 18

    Sat 14 March 2015

  12. CNA-Gateway Mall

    Firstly to get ahold of the store is a hassle as they don't have a direct line.secondly I purchased a product last year on the 23 DEC after using it within 3 weeks the product was defective,today the 12feb still no response as to what is going on..i invested nearly r300 on telephone calls back and forth from store and supplier with no joy.I regret to inform customers that the service from the store is really pathetic and unacceptable.I am now looking to go forward by taking issue to higher authority.

    Sat 14 March 2015