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  • 100 web. 120 gate
  • : 24-Sep-2016 @ 7am -9am (Passed Event)
  • : : 8 Morrison Street, Rivertown, Durban
  • : : 8 Morrison Street, Rivertown, Durban

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Blow those Vuvuzelas! Saddle those ostriches! Break out the biltong and let's get some 'Shosholoza' in those steps! Why?! Cause its Heritage day china! and when we say China we don't mean our hard working friends from the east. We mean; YOU! HEY WENA! JY! That's right, it’s time to celebrate this vibrant country in true South African style. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Morning Rave is back! With more spice on our mielies, More chutney on our hotdogs, And more bang in our bunny chows! This time round we've partnered up with an authentically-super-kiff, South African brand; TOMY TAKKIES *Gasp* The; all-round-dancing-soccer-playing-just-running-to-the-shop-quick-Spur-visiting- do-anything-in-me-kind-of-shoe, is coming to the party! *Why?* (You ask with baited breath) Because THEY are awesome and WE are awesome and we wish to make a fresh salad of awesome together! AND, because if you bring an old pair of shoes, you will get a brand new pair of Tomy Takkies, free. Wait, record scratch. Let's play that again: If you bring an old pair of shoes, you will get a brand new pair of Tomy Takkies, FREE. And trust us baby, that Ain't no SUN headline. That right there is the Karoo-kicking truth! We all remember those oh-so-seminal words; 'Its a long walk to Freedom'. Well for some its a long walk to School, To fetch water, Or to buy bread, and thats why we are calling on you to bring your old boots/trainers/Heels/galoshes...WHATEVER! Any shoe bru! Just bring those old “not too shabby” foot wrappers in and swop them for a new pair of Tommy's! We will then donate your shoes to charity and a needy pair of feet Aside from that, we have the usual concoction of; - Music - Yoga - Dance - Fitness - Live Acts - Dancers - Free food If you don't know the story by now, that's ok. We still love you and we will welcome you with sweaty, open arms ;) THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW: TIME: 7am - 9am DATE: 24 September 2016 VENUE: 8 Morrison Street, Rivertown, Durban

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