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Event Details

  • PHASE 1 :: R100 (+ R10 Booking Fee) PHASE 2 :: R150 (+ R10 Booking Fee) PHASE 3 :: R250 (+ R10 Booking Fee)
  • : 26-Nov-2016 - 27-Nov-2016 @ 12;00-0;00 (Passed Event)
  • : Walter Sisulu Square
  • : Walter Sisulu Square Kliptown Kliptown Walter Sisulu Square, 1811 Soweto, Gauteng

More Details

BACARDI BREEZER PRESENTS COLOUR IN SOWETO SAT 26 NOV 2016 WALTER SISULU SQUARE SOWETO Bacardi Breezer is proud to host a music festival driven by the magical experience of uniting colour splashes celebrating the diversity of South Africa’s rich cultural diversity Colour in Soweto will feature the very best in local house music & hip hop talent that will ignite your inner spirit whilst being surrounded by a kaleidoscope of colours! Welcome to Colour in Soweto ••• LINE UP ••• TBC ••• GENERAL ACCESS TICKETS ••• Includes 1 free bag of Colour Powder PHASE 1 :: R100 (+ R10 Booking Fee) PHASE 2 :: R150 (+ R10 Booking Fee) PHASE 3 :: R250 (+ R10 Booking Fee) SPECIAL :: BUY 6 GENERAL ACCESS R175 per ticket (+ R10 Booking Fee) ••• VIP TICKETS ••• Includes 3 free bags of Colour Powder PHASE 1 :: R400 (+ R15 Booking Fee) PHASE 2 :: R500 (+ R15 Booking Fee) PHASE 3 :: R600 (+ R15 Booking Fee) ••• DOOR TICKETS ••• GENERAL ACCESS :: R300 VIP ACCESS :: R700 AVAILABILITY DEPENDANT SPECIAL :: BUY 6 VIP R550 per ticket (+ R15 Booking Fee) ••• COLOUR POWDER & MERCHANDISE ••• COLOUR BAG :: R15 T-SHIRT :: R150 Colour Powder will be on sale at the venue throughout the day. ••• DRESS CODE ••• All White Everything RIGHT OF ADMISSION RESERVED NO COOLER BOXES | NO DRUGS | NO WEAPONS | NO FOOD OR DRINKS ALLOWED TO BE BROUGHT IN SAFETY & COMFORT ADVICE #1: WEAR GOGGLES Although the colours are completely natural, a pair of goggles or sunglasses helps protect against unnecessary eye irritation. #2: APPLY/WEAR OIL OR LOTION The paint will adhere better and it is easier to rinse off later. We also recommend a cap or hat. #3: Wear Old Clothes Although the powder can be easily washed out, you should not wear/bring your best clothes with you. Tip: You could purchase an original white ‘Colour in South Africa T-Shirts' available for both men and woman. #4: WEAR WHITE CLOTHES The colours bear out brightest on white fabric! #5: CONTACT LENS If possible, rather wear glasses rather than contact lenses as the paint may cause irritation on the contacts. #6: CLOSE YOUR EYES & KEEP YOUR MOUTH CLOSED! You will you pelted with coloured powder, so be sure to keep your eyes and mouth closed at these times. # 7: RESPECT OTHERS! If someone does not want to be pelted with powder, please respect their wishes. We would like everyone to enjoy themselves together. #8: WASHING & REMOVING COLOUR POWDER The colour powder should be as dry as possible before attempting to wipe it off. Then rinse off with warm water.

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