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ackermans Southdale Shopping Center

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    01 Jan 0001
    i get in ackermans to open acc then give me buying power of 1500 from 2015/11 then i start to pay on 2015/12. stallmant was 160 then i pay 150 by mistake.after i pay 200 every month for 7 plus that 150 witch mean i pay 1550 then i used 250 plus 120 is 370 but acc is increes.now balance is 1300 and something why.i ask were say to me i have policy at hollard.i ask my self how hollard still my money from ackermans.and be for some 1 call me says is from ackermans.i was in taxi i told her to call me after 2 hrs he didnt come back to me till now.i notice that my acc is not decress still one place.and i didnt agree to join and sighn to hollard.ackermans say must i call them.i try to call today i loose R50 no unswer line busy so how can i spend money to call the thiefth and how can take money from ackermans wethout knowing then and this person used name of my faverate shop.i report this to my lawyer says i may ask hollard to bring money back to ackermans.and ackermans start to alocate my expenses.for my site sort this out be for i pay.and can do what ever we will go ahead untill you meet the person from hollard.course now i already pay amount of 1550 from 1500 maybe i left with intrest of 350.i will pay 350 after forget about me.thankQ
    Bad experience! Not Ayoba

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