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Wonderpark Shopping Center

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I went to Truworths at Wonder park (Pretora) yesterday 20/02/2019 to return my shoes, and to collect a right size that i bought online. they told me Office london people are not in the shop and they cant assist me. I was soo pissed because they kept on calling each other telling me i cant return my shoes(Manager said that).I took the one's i was there to collect and left the pair i wanted to return with them, because i feel if Truworths brought Office london in our lives why cant i exchange the items. "it raisis a concern". i hated their service and i expect the money to be returned back into my account. their attitude is uneceptable because i cant have 2 pairs of the same shoes. Can i please get aresponse on what to do going forward. Bad experience! Not Ayoba

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As I was about to pay for the item the security guard made me go back and look for the hanger from which I took the garment I was going to pay for. The security guard said its Truworths house rules that all items be presented with their hangers at pay point. The lady at the paypoint knows nothing about this. I feel so dissapointed and humiliated at this happening and I feel that this should highly looked into and corrected as it is so wrong. Good experience! now that's Ayoba

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