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Telkom Wonderpark Shopping Center

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  • Fhulu
    Points : 3
    Reviews: 1


    24 Aug 2016
    They never take our application serious and when you call nobody answer. What is the use of having a contact number when what it does it's ringing and voicemail...

    Points : 3
    Reviews: 1


    09 Dec 2016
    They never answer their phone I've been calling almost 10 times a day but no one bothers to answer the phone

  • Itumeleng Molusi

    01 Jun 2016
    they never answer their phones and voicemail always full. Been waiting for a device for almost two months now. tried last year and same thing happened and gave it a shot again this year but guess what???? I'm still waiting for my application to be processed even. lesson learned and never again will I bother my self with them.


    10 Nov 2016
    At Telkom Wonderpark, they NEVER answer the calls, you wonder what is the shop Telephone for. They do not take customers and their applications to their service seriously. Very poor service!

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