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I have just had the worst dining experience of my life at this restaurant. I took my girlfriend and friend to lunch. We ordered 2 burgers and bacon and avo ciabatta roll. First of all there was no avo and it is in season. The waitron came back twice to ask what we had ordered after we placed our order. We then waited almost an hour for our food. When we finally received our food the salad with the ciabatta roll was far from fresh and turning brown and the one burger had three pieces of bone and the other had one piece of bone in it. I asked to speak to the manager and he was unaccomadating and full of attitude I was willing to pay my bill until I was given attitude by the manager. I then asked to speak to the owner and was told that he had just left for a meeting. When I got downstairs and started making a scene I was approached by another man claiming to be another manager and demanded to speak to the owner and refused to pay for the food, I said I would pay for our drinks but not the food. They then told me that they would have me arrested. On demanding to speak to the owner I was told that the owner doesn't come to the store, I said that I was told that he had just left, so I told them to call him back. The man claiming to be the manager then told me that he was the owner, so I queried why he told me that he was the manager. He told me that he is the owner and that he just doesn't like to deal with complaints and in his words: I am just a s**t customer, looking for a freebe, the manager then join him and said that I have been there three times and tried to do this every time. This is the first time I have been there. Over the last two weeks i have spent in excess of R2500 in dining out and have not complained about one of the meals and have given a decent tip so i am not looking for any freebe. My girlfriend then asked me to just give up so that we can leave. I reluctantly paid the bill and left. I feel like I have been robbed and that this is not right. This is a good example of terrible customer service and I am most upset. Good experience! now that's Ayoba

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