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Ocean basket

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  • Gabisile
    Points : 3
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    Ocean Basket Sunnypark
    31 May 2016
    I've ordered platter for 2 as a take away did not check it before leaving the shop cause I trust them when I arrive home getting reading to eat my platter with my husband the platter was for 1 always buy platter for two and I know What is inside and the calamari head were salty since from that day I don't buy from that ocean basket they have a poor service I rather drive to Centurion mall they have nice fresh and not salty food and also good service
    Good experience! now that's Ayoba

    Points : 4
    Reviews: 1


    Ocean Basket Sunnypark
    09 Dec 2014
    Thank for the wonderfully prepared meal! You made me remember my Island. I asked for not too dry hake cooked with juicy and I even said if the chef can really like searing the fish. It s come exactly like 1000 km away recipe from home! Thank you a million Chetty Anand
    Bad experience! Not Ayoba

    Johanna Riedel
    Points : 8
    Reviews: 2


    Ocean Basket Mall at Reds
    27 Jul 2015
    The food is great, fast, and internet access for half an hour for free! The service and friendliness of waiters and managers so far has been exceptional. I worked for years in the food, and 5 star dining industry. It has always been a nightmare going out to restaurants in SA especially but Ocean Basket at the Mall @ Reds have been exceptional! Thank you Walter for great service! (he is my dedicated waiter)
    Bad experience! Not Ayoba

    Mrs van Niekerk
    Points : 3
    Reviews: 1


    Ocean Basket Wonderboom Junction
    31 Mar 2015
    Ons het gaan sit met GEEN kelner wat met ons Afrikaans wil praat nie. Ons het haar in Afrikaans gegroet en sy het ons geigoneer toe ons vra hoekom groet sy nie het sy genoem dat sy net Engels praat. Buitelanders word in diens geneem wat geen swart taal of Afr kan praat nie.
    Good experience! now that's Ayoba

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