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We love Eastern food and wanted some good curruy. I was reffered to this place by friends living in the area. When we arrived there were some people seated at a few tables but It was not very busy. There was nobody near to take us to a table and we just found one ourselves. After a while a waiter came from the till area with some menus and just put it on our table without a word. I greeted him but he turned his back on us and walked away. Our table was not cleaned after previous guests had theire meal and this plus the total lack of good friendly manners and service from the waiter caused us to leave. We actualy felt a vibe of animosity towards our presense in this Restaurant. This place will never see me again. Good experience! now that's Ayoba

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KFC gateway, I received my order of zinger strips and a burger, both stale and very burnt. I contacted the manager and he merely said 'sorry' Bad experience! Not Ayoba

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