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Mugg & Bean

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  • Matthew Bartlett
    Points : 101
    Reviews: 12


    Mugg & Bean Mall of Rosebank
    07 Aug 2009
    After a terrible Prego Steak Roll at Spur, I was stillravenousand decided to stop off at Mugg & Bean after noticing earlier how they have an awesome section down some steps tucked away from the busy mall. Service is good and the food is awesome. This is the best Mugg & Bean I have eaten at. The Goulash soup tastes like my mothers and is nice and thick with a generous portion of bread. The coffee is good and the booths down the steps make for an awesome experience.They provide:Breakfasts, Sandwiches, Lunches, Meat dishes, Fish dishes, Beverages, Coffee, Deserts, Cakes, Dinners.Coffee shop and Restaurant with live music on the first and last Saturday of every month.
    Bad experience! Not Ayoba

    Gordon Jenkins
    Points : 3
    Reviews: 1


    Mugg & Bean Middleburg Mall
    09 Dec 2016
    Food and drinks excellent and the serving staff and supervisors are people Mug and Bean should be proud of. Very good experience.
    Good experience! now that's Ayoba

    Points : 88
    Reviews: 16


    Mugg & Bean Melville
    28 Sep 2009
    I luv mugg & bean but the melville one, not ayoba. Service is good, but the place doesn't look like mugg & bean. Worst, its dirty, the couch looks so dirty as if they never cleaned it since 1652. NOT AYOBA
    Good experience! now that's Ayoba

    Letlhogonolo Mokgosi
    Points : 307
    Reviews: 59


    Mugg & Bean Sandton
    29 Jun 2009
    I always had this theory that I cant go to restaurant like Mugg & Bean and have a burger. It didn't make sense for me. All of the changed yesterday. I had BBQ burger and Salad for only 39.90. Coolest thing is that you have an option to change fries for a salad, so i didn't feel guilty after my meal :) . Burger is juicy, salad with some dressing is also good, therefore It was worth it. Good service from the Manager and the waitress.
    Bad experience! Not Ayoba

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