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Monte Casino

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Aaaargggg... I lost my car for an hour! They have the most confusing parking lot around... so take note of where you parked.But besides my inability to navigate parking lots they have a lot to offer. Personally not my cup of tea but there is tons to do and a great place to take out of towners when you run out of other things to show them. Bad experience! Not Ayoba

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You can take the R10 parking receipt to the casino and get them to put R10 extra credit on your Montecasino gambling card. Bad experience! Not Ayoba

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Good vibes. 60 p/p per game and have fun Good experience! now that's Ayoba

  • MrCarter
  • Points : 139
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  • 13 May 2019

Stomp! GO AND SEE IT! And in case you didn't get that. GO AND SEEEEEEEEE IIIIIT.The show literally blew everyones mind. Standing ovations all around. It was just awesome. Bad experience! Not Ayoba

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