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McDonalds Auckland Park

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  • Corner Kingsway & Main, Auckland Park,Johannesburg,Gauteng,South Africa
  • Restaurants | burger
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Hey, We Enjoyed the Burgers and Chips just after around of business meeting. I thinks McDonald's foods are great, i don't need to tell you how the burgers ad their crisply fried chips taste, but the setting is all that was an experience, with an option to sit inside or bath the sun while enjoying the meals. Try it out yourself you'll tell me. Bad experience! Not Ayoba

  • Ronnie
  • Points : 67
  • Reviews: 17
  • 01 Jan 0001
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McDonalds is always good. As much as you try to be on diet, scared to gain some kilos, you gotta miss the McFlurry ha ha. I went to McD auckland park the other day. Had my McFeast and it was good till i realised the burger is a bit raw. Not Ayoba of course, and I was about to finish it. Went to the till and complained to the manager. Without hesitation the guy wanted offered me a new meal with the drink. was already full therefore i settled for a smallanyana burger. But i could see on the guys face he felt so guilty he wanted to do anything in his power to make me feel better. Aint fussy mos, that was AYOBA Bad experience! Not Ayoba

  • Duzel
  • Points : 88
  • Reviews: 16
  • 01 Jan 0001
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I have a good time there ,the staff was good , and the food was delicious the cleanliness, team well behavior quiet good that's AYOBA. Bad experience! Not Ayoba

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