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Look and Listen East Rand Value Mall

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  • R Oosthuizen
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    01 Jan 0001
    The shop is closing there doors soon, selling CD's for R5.00 to R10.00 and making up DVD sets for specials next to nothing prices. I have R450 on a gift card from presvious bad expecience when DVD 's were not working, refuse to refund but gave gift card. I went to look for e certain cd, and saw all this R5.00 stickers and hardly any stock in shop.The refuse to give my money back, I bought stuff that did not work, and now sits with R450(full tank of petrol) or pre-paid power because it is agains Headoffice policy to refund. Manager says I can go to their ROODEPOORT branch! WHAT!!!! Thye are closing down, how is that my prioblem?????? I want my money back sitting on that gift card!- stuff no refund policy- the shop is closing its doors for goodness sake
    Bad experience! Not Ayoba

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