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Loch Logan Waterfront


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Trying to get staff attention regarding their sale they were all busy with fixtures and fittings and chatting I still don't know what toys went on sale Bad experience! Not Ayoba

  • letitia
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  • 24 Aug 2016

Went there on saturday afternoon very desperate because the one key was locked at school and only had a broken key he tried to help but told me if it does not fit I can come back with one at school and he will cut it for free.I went there yesterday but he could not remember saying that although I kept the slip he had a very bad attitude already. After a while he recut the key but unfortunately when I got home it did not fit again I went there again this afternoon but now he was very angry so I ask him rather for a refund he said they do not give refunds but after we argued for a while he took the key cut it again left it on counter and without saying a word went back to his workplace and ignored me Bad experience! Not Ayoba

Last month i made a cash deposit to my makro account.yesterday they phoned me and said they never recieved the payment,unfortunly i thew away my slip as its never a problem when i go into the bank self and make the deposits to my accounts.Makro wants to hand me over to legal....Please contact me Bad experience! Not Ayoba

I was at sportscene loch Logan a service was great . Bad experience! Not Ayoba

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