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Levingers Benmore Gardens

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  • BettyMokhosi
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    01 Jan 0001
    I went to Levingers Dry Cleaner in Benmore Gardens to take in my sneaker to get glued because the bottom part of the shoe was coming off. I was charged R69.00 for gluing that 1 shoe and when I asked about the price the attendant told me that R69.00 is a price for gluing a PAIR. I then informed her that I only brought in 1 shoe and NOT A PAIR, and was told that "sorry, we charge you a pair and it is a pity that I only brought in 1 shoe and not a PAIR"??!! This does not make sense because only 1 shoe was falling apart and how can I bring a pair if not both shoes needed gluing. I aksed to be charged half of R69 (for 1 shoe), but was turned away and told "sorry, ma'm but we charge you for a pair whether you brought in 1 shoe or a pair". Can someone explain to me how this makes sense because to me it does not make sense at all. I have been a loyal customer of Levingers (both Benmore & Southgate) for a while now, and this experience is making me look elsewhere for dry-cleaning services. I am a very disappointed customer after so many years of being your customer.
    Good experience! now that's Ayoba

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