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Jeauval Hair Salon Clearwater Mall

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In 2013 I had a crisis. My hair went into a knot and I could not get it out. My honeymoon flight to Mauritius was the next day. I went to Jeauval hair salon after discussing my problem with them on the phone. When I got there they did nothing for me. They looked at the knot and wasn't even willing to try and get it out. They asked me R400 for basically doing nothing. Thereafter I searched for another hair salon. The team at Crazy Scissors at Krugersdorp immediately had compassion on my situation and managed to get the knot out. They made my hair beautiful for my honeymoon and charged me for all that work less than Jeaval, who did nothing to help. It you want a salon that cares please dont go to Jeauval. I consider them the worst and most greedy salon I have ever encountered based on my experience that day. Even when I phoned the manager to discuss my complaint, they didnt bother to return my call. It seems that for them their conduct is just the norm. Good experience! now that's Ayoba

  • MrsY
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  • 01 Jan 0001
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I have to say that I've never had a problem with the way any of the stylists have cut my hair at Jeauval in Clearwater Mall. BUT, they are ridiculously expensive. I went to cut a fringe (which was R30) and the stylist said he'll just give me a quick trim and neaten up my cut (for short hair) and he took about 10-15min doing that and I was charged R700 for that!!! Felt so ripped off, haven't been back there since. Good experience! now that's Ayoba

  • cram99
  • Points : 4
  • Reviews: 1
  • 01 Jan 0001
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