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Jabulani Mall


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Nice ndayo, u get good service. The team is motivated. Bad experience! Not Ayoba

  • T M
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  • 08 Oct 2012

I went to exclusive hair saloon @ birch acres mall and i was not happy with their services. They are not customer orientated,they dont communicate with clients and also claiming to be knowing their story when it comes to hair dressing. I waited there for long hours and nobody was willing to do my hair, until one of their staff members approched me to say they were unable to do the hairstyle i wanted. After i waited 3 to 4 hours of my life. I've been to a couple of exclusive hair saloons and i was never treated in that very dissapounted in u.*afterall procastination is a thief of time *and u must up ur game we no longer plet cheap spiral hairpices they out of style. Hallo we are in 2015. Good experience! now that's Ayoba

  • Phuti
  • Points : 4
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  • 27 Jun 2015

Phone only rings with no answer. They have not yet returned my phone. Bad experience! Not Ayoba

  • disebo
  • Points : 3
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  • 13 Apr 2016

I phoned Vodashop in Jabulani mall today the 02/03/2016 to check weather if they had check my upgrade query since their system was on working on the 27th of February 2016 but instead of getting me the help i needed they made hold for so long without anyone getting me feed back on what i needed help with. i'm not happy with their service Good experience! now that's Ayoba

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