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Dunblane Guest House


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Oh my Lord, I am calling all the angels and all the saints wrt to this place. I have adopted this place as my other home. Background - Clarens is this gorgeous little town loaded with art galleries, funny stores,a few km from Bethlehem in the Free State circa 2.5hours from the City of Gold. Then Dunblane guest house is 3km or so outside of Clarens on a little off-road strip however your BMW M3 can also be able to get there with its lowered suspension - there is a neat road to get to Dunblane my other home. Back to the story! First - is the amazing, warm and friendly hosts. Johan Terblanche, his wife and their staff. Second - is their fantastic farm which they loan to you for the whole weekend for virtually nothing. The farm is this beautiful house built using rocks with all the ancient ammenities, ofcourse revised to be morden. There is even a welcome dover (istovu samalahle - for real),plenty fire places because Clarens is freezing and everything to make your experience very very cosy. The beds have electric blankets, rooms have heaters, there is two of everything, an ancient one and a modern one eg there are electric stoves, warm water, water purifiers and so forth... So, my 11 friends and I have made a ritual of making this place our winter vacation spot. Now, imagine this, 12 men drinking wine and other expensive beverages for a whole weekend. The place has braai facilities so besides the drinking we also ate a lot so much for my 6 pack!!!! My little write up on this place can never do the place any justice - it has beautiful scenery, the air is fresh and unpoluted literally, Oxygen with no carbon dioxide except from the fireplaces, the welcome dover and the braais. You can go for long extended walks and they even have a river near by and a mountain you can go climb... I don't walk, I run so I spent the whole weekend drinking and drinking and drinking but not enough to get drunk or sleep! Fantastic! You have to experience it yourself! Call Johan 079-492 0498! Bad experience! Not Ayoba

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