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ABSA - Branch Fourways Mall

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  • Clive Ravenscroft
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    16 Jun 2016
    I went to the branch on Thursday 28/4 16 to exchange my Silver Cheque with a Gold one-all was done and I also phoned the Credit Card Dept. at the Bank to order a new Gold one-all done. Lone behold on Monday 2/5., I tried to use both my cards at different Atms and NEITHER WOULD WORK!-I also contacted Absa Customer Service on 0860008600 and was informed by the Agent who attended to me that the Gold Card appears to be ok?.He mentioned to me when you order a new Credit Card, the existing one is automatically cancelled!!!-never heard of this before.Today 3/5/ 16, I tried my luck at an ATM in Lonehill and it worked !!!! and then went to get Petrol and my Credit Card also worked-PLEASE EXPLAIN this to me. as this was a very frustrating experience.ps I have been with this Bank now since 1982! and don't need this. Kind regards Clive

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    04 Jan 2017
    Good afternoon...today I went to Absa fourways mall to open an account...the gentleman by the name of Rodney helped me..what a great service I received from him. Am happy to join Absa family..thank you so much

    Tiphany Stacey Harmse
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    17 Sep 2015
    Firstly they call me and ask if i wsnt a credit card i say no i dnt thank you. Next week uti calls and asks whr to delivery my card so i said no i dnt want it then they tell me i MUST take it...i check my online banking and this stupid credit card reflects. I DONT WANT IT! I call in, there is a kind lady that checks on the system and tells me the name of the lady who gave me the card and at which branch. I call the branch and they have never heard of that name before. Secondly why do you need my payslips if i have had this account more than 5years...cant u see there what comes in and goes out?! My proof of residence really?! I HAVE AN ACCOUNT HERE! SLowest service EVER. THEY DON'T GO THE EXTRA MILE TO SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS. other banks are open later and if not later then open on a Sunday...they close on the earliest time on a Saturday then you stand in a loooong line wasting time. I am changing to fnb or nedbank asap.

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